Mental Health is BRAIN Health!

Our brain is an amazing thing! Treat it well and it treats you well. Treat it poorly and it’ll treat you poorly. It is the #1 thing that controls and manages EVERYTHING in our mind and body… this INCLUDES our mental health!

Mental health today has become a process of listing symptoms, guessing what “diagnosis” it fits into and then either prescribing a pill and/or doing counseling. These things can ONLY work if we truly know what we’re working with. If we TRULY know what PART OF YOUR BRAIN is functioning too much, too little, or just right.

Our Integrative approach looks at neurology, mental & behavioral health symptoms, physical health symptoms & critical numbers, exercise, nutrition, stress management/coping skills, & nutraceutical interventions. We understand that all of these parts come together and can yield mental wellness or mental health issues. They all are required to help support and optimize brain function.

Here at More to Life Counseling, we aren’t just therapists, we are ALSO Certified Brain Health Coaches and Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Providers. We have the knowledge and tools to help you know what is going on with your brain, how to improve the brain systems that aren’t working optimally, and how to create a life worth living!


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