Q: Do I really need marriage counseling?

A: Marriage counseling can be useful for everyone who is married. So, if you are asking the question, you most likely need it.

Q: Does marriage counseling work?

A: That depends on the couple. We have found that couples seek counseling for one of four reasons:

1. They want to look good to others. They want to say, “I tried, I even went to counseling”. When in their heart, they had no intentions of making the marriage work.

2. They want to “help” the therapist help their spouse change.

3. They want to give their spouse a false sense of security by giving them hope that the marriage can be saved. All the while, they are planing how to leave.

4. They want to do whatever they need to do or change to save the marriage.

Only the 4th reason leads to a positive outcome.

Q: What happens in marriage counseling?

A: The couple is given new tools to use to make their marriage better than it was before. They are also taught what to avoid that could harm a marriage.

Q: Can just one person in the marriage come to counseling?

A: Though it is not ideal, if only one member of a couple is willing to come to counseling, there can be many benefits   for that one person to come.

Q: How long is marriage counseling?

A: Marriage counseling generally is not very long. The average is about 12 weeks long.


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